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What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is highly functional, stylish, and very durable. It is manufactured to mimic the appealing visuals of hardwood, slate, stone, or ceramic tile by fusing layers of wood-based materials together. Great for busy families, laminate installs easily, wears well and is available in a variety of breathtaking colors and styles.

There are four main layers used in laminate manufacturing: a surface wear layer, a photographic design of wood or stone, a core layer for added strength, and a backing layer for moisture protection and additional stability. You’ll also find some waterproof laminate flooring products that feature a waterproof backing and core.

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Installing laminate flooring is as easy as putting your trust in our experts.

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Learn how to clean laminate floors and keep your surface looking its best.

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Our team will conduct an at-home measure and give you a free estimate.

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